Stem Cell Treatment for the Heart

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We have been treating heart patients since November of 2006. The results we generally see in our patients after they have undergone a stem cell heart treatment are the following:
  • Improvement in Ejection Fraction

  • Decrease in Heart Size

  • Improved Physical Capacity

  • Less Swelling

  • Less Shortness of Breath

  • Less Hospitalizations

  • Less Medications

  • Longer Survival

We Specialize in these stem cell treatments for the heart:

Cardiovascular disease can manifest itself in many different ways because the blood vessels transport blood to every single part of the body. The heart is the organ that pumps the blood around the body, and it also receives nutrients from the blood vessels (via the coronary vessels). Any interruption of the supply of blood containing nutrients and oxygen to one of the body’s organs leads to functional impairment and, in the worst case scenario, the death of the tissue. One typical example is cardiac arrest, which occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle is restricted. Much of this damage can be reversed with a stem cell heart treatment.

Additional Stem Cell Treatments for the Heart

Cardiovascular disease can have any number of causes, but most can be improved with a stem cell heart treatment. Some people are born with a susceptibility to vascular disease (e.g. atherosclerosis), which can be alleviated by taking medication. Heart and blood vessels can be damaged by external factors. The majority of vascular diseases these days, however, are caused by our modern-day lifestyles. The walls of the blood vessel are always in contact with the blood which flows through them, so they are most commonly affected by unhealthy lifestyles. If someone has an unfavorable hemogram, i.e. if their blood contains too much glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides (fats) or nicotine, this can put the blood vessels under an enormous amount of stress. Glucose adheres to the walls of the blood vessels and the blood constituents, and cholesterol and triglycerides also accumulate on the blood vessel walls. As a result, the blood clumps, the blood vessel walls calcify, turning porous and no longer performing their biological function properly. Nicotine also constricts the blood vessels, so they narrow and the amount of blood circulating the body is reduced.

If the condition is aggravated by a lack of vessel-protecting substances, the damaged vessels lose their ability to regenerate. The consequences include arteriosclerosis, leg ulceration, dilation of the abdominal artery (aneurysm), cardiac insufficiency, cardiac arrest and stroke. Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in many other western industrial nations.

Adult Stem Cells derived from the patients own body are potent and effective to treat heart disease.

Patients who have severe cardiac disease with a history of coronary infarction, congestive heart failure, those with previous bypass surgery and stents, cardiomyopathy, and individuals with low ejection

Watch this informative video that highlights one of our patients and how their heart was treated with Stem Cell Therapy.  Stem Cell Treatment for the heart saved this patients life.

Regenocyte generates healthy heart healing cells in the laboratory and then transplants those cells into patients with chronic heart disease. Stem cells cultivated from the patients own body and transplanted into a damaged heart, can generate new collateral vessels with a stem cell treatment of the heart.

Treatment is non-invasive consisting of an intravenous infusion of precursor cardiomyocyte stem cells derived from a patients own blood through a specially designed catheter. This approach increases the engraftment, survival and proliferation of the stem cells to the heart muscle.

Area that Regenocyte Specialize in with Adult Stem Cell Treatment:

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