Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart

Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart

Stem cell therapy for the heart can repair the tissue of the damaged area and increase your quality of life. 


Learn about the huge advancements adult stem cell therapy has made for cardiac patients.


We specialize in Pulmonary Hypertension and Cystic Fibrosis Treated by Adult Stem Cell Therapy.


Learn about the advancements in treating dementia and spinal cord injuries with adult stem cell therapy.

Heart disease leaves the heart weak and unable to function at a normal capacity.  Stem cell therapy for the heart can work to strengthen it once again.  Regenocyte, an American stem cell clinic, is providing stem cell heart treatment.  Through stem cell injections directly into the heart. As a result, the heart tissue is regenerated and restored.  Stem cells used to treat heart disease has been perfected since  Dr. Zannos Grekos treated his first cardiac patient with stem cells in 2006.

Watch Dr. Grekos explain the stem cell heart regeneration method at Regenocyte.

The process of providing stem cell therapy into areas damaged by heart disease begins in Florida at Regenocyte, an adult stem cell treatment clinic. Blood analyses are performed on each patient to be sure the stem cell treatment of the heart would be beneficial to the patient. Once determined, patient blood samples are delivered to a laboratory where clinicians begin to grow additional stem cells to repair the damaged heart.  Finally, the stem cell heart treatment is ready to be administered to the patient to repair the heart with stem cells.

Heart stem cell transplant results can be viewed HERE.

The cost to treat a heart with stem cells is only a fraction of an actual heart transplant and the waiting list is nonexistent.  Heart stem cell research in the USA is growing because of the fascination with adult stem cells regenerating the body. Because a stem cell treatment for the heart muscle is possible, doctors are researching other disease that could possibly be treated with stem cells.


Area that Regenocyte Specialize in with Adult Stem Cell Treatment:

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Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart - It is here in the United States

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