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Dr. Zannos Grekos is one of the few pioneers among American stem cell doctors.  Based in Southwest Florida, his stem cell clinic walks each patient through the stem cell treatment process with care.  While the treatment is not administered by a stem cell doctor in the United States, there are hopes on the horizon that eventually stem cell surgery in the USA will become possible.


Learn about the huge advancements adult stem cell therapy has made for cardiac patients.


We specialize in Pulmonary Hypertension and Cystic Fibrosis Treated by Adult Stem Cell Therapy.


Learn about the advancements in treating dementia and spinal cord injuries with adult stem cell therapy.

For now, stem cell doctors in America begin the pre-operational procedure and then move to a state-of-the-art facility in the Dominican Republic to complete the cell transplants. Stem cell treatments clinics will draw the patient’s blood and then transport it to a laboratory where clinicians begin to grow additional stem cells from the patient’s blood.  The next phase of the process is the actual stem cell surgery where the cells are inserted back into the body to enhance the affected area.


Watch patient stories HERE and see how American stem cell doctors are introducing radically simple procedures.


Stem cell doctors in the USA are taking big strides every day in educating western doctors just how amazing the results are. Stem cell doctors such as Zannos Grekos are excited to be helping patients at Regenocyte by using stem cell harvested directly from the patient to treat both heart and lung diseases.  Stem cell doctors are also studying therapy for other diseases as well.

Learn about some conditions that our Stem Cell Doctors Specialize in.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart:

Adult Stem Cell Treatment for the Brain and Spine:

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Lungs:

Curious to see what stem cell doctors are up to? Stem cell clinics across America are committed to researching the best and safest measures to help their patients. At Regenocyte, Dr. Grekos and his stem cell doctors specialize all aspect of stem cell therapy including research and implementation of stem cell regeneration.

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