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This is why Regenocyte offers the most effective stem cell treatment:

  • Extensive depth of clinical experience
  • Experience in treating heart, lung and spine patients with stem cells since 2006
  • Some of the largest numbers of patients treated in the USA
  • Experience with multiple diseases processes
  • Utilizing the best source for stem cells
  • Specific activating factors to educate stem cells
  • Reprogramming the stem cells into performing as if they’re young
  • Orbital anti-gravity bioreactor based on NASA findings
  • Unique advanced and focused stem cell delivery systems
  • Experienced international medical team of stem cell doctors
  • Access to prior treated patients for discussion
  • Our stem cell physicians participate in educational academic lectures

Extensive Depth of Clinical Experience

The most important aspect is the depth of our clinical experience. We have been treating heart patients with stem cell therapy, and lung patients with stem cell therapy since 2006. Regenocyte has treated a very large number of patients with multiple diseases, our clinical experience is unsurpassed. Its that depth of the clinical experience that that allows us to make the appropriate diagnosis, be able to focus the treatment specifically, and based on our prior outcomes, determine how the patient is going to benefit from the treatment.

The areas that Regenocyte Specialize in with Adult Stem Cell Treatment:

Also important is that since we have experience with multiple sources from the patient for stem cells, we are able to pick the most effective type for that individual patient. We always use cells sourced from the patient. And in genetic cases we can use cells from a matched relative. Utilization of more than one type of stem cell is extremely important in most cases. For instance, in utilizing stem cells that come from both bone marrow and fat we are allowing for the two cell types to interact and gain benefit from each other. The stem cells that come from fat are not very active in increasing their numbers and replicating, they are however very good at coordinating the healing or regenerative process. In contrast, stem cells that come from bone marrow are very good at replicating and differentiating very rapidly, so they are more action oriented. When you utilize the stem cells from the fat and combine them with the stem cells from the bone marrow, you have a very effective regenerative force, a military like force, where the activating factors act as the orders, fat stem cells act as officers and the bone marrow stem cells act as the cavalry. Victory is in the successful outcome of the patient.

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