Stem Cell Treatment for Dementia

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Stem Cells in Reversing Dementia

She felt uneasy with her ability to function on a daily basis. Now, after undergoing a successful stem cell dementia treatment earlier this month, Mary is her old self again. She doesn’t ask her husband, Peter, the same question 3-4 times in an hour anymore. Peter Holler, age 83, had become very concerned that his wife of 60 years was slowly losing her memory. She had been on medications for memory loss for several years but the deterioration in her recall accelerated in the last six months.  It was starting to wear on him. He was losing his wife right in front of his eyes. Mary’s poor performance on an in-depth memory test revealed that that she was so advanced that should be in an assisted living facility. This frightened both the Hollers and their children.

Peter Holler sought out stem cell dementia treatment . He felt it was his wife’s only option. Peter, no stranger to stem cells, had undergone a stem cell treatment by Dr. Zannos Grekos for his failing heart in 2008. He had experienced great success. “Even my lung function improved dramatically,” he recalls. Going back to the same group that he had trusted, he made arrangements to get the love of his life treated.

A track record of several successfully treated patients with dementia already existed. So the doctors knew exactly what to do. Heading the team is Dr. Hector Rosario, an interventional cardiologist and head of the stem cell program in the Dominican Republic. Dr Roberto Fernandez DeCastro head of the catheterization lab assisted in the procedure. Dr Grekos, Chief Scientific Officer for the company was present as well. “It’s very exciting to be able to have such a positive impact on a disease process that otherwise has such a grim prognosis,” Grekos explained. The Dementia Treatment protocol used to treat Mrs. Holler had been developed specifically for patients with dementia by Dr Zannos Grekos.

Below are before(top) and after (bottom) angiograms of Mrs. Hollers left internal carotid injections:

Stem cells collected from Mary’s bone marrow are subjected to an activation and concentration process. The stem cells were then injected into her cerebral circulation. “Look at the difference,” Dr Rosario exclaimed while pointing to the before and after pictures of the brain circulation. The increase in blood vessel flow was astonishing. Since only adult stem cells from the patient are used, the political, ethical, and medical issues are avoided and there is no risk of rejection.


Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart:

Adult Stem Cell Treatment for the Brain and Spine:

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Lungs:

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We’re able to normalize a patient’s neuro-cognitive (brain function) testing in 6 months after the stem cell dementia treatment” said Zannos Grekos MD, commenting on the success of patients having received adult stem cell dementia treatment  to reverse the effects of dementia. Peter Holler agrees, “Not only does she not repeat questions any more, but she is also remembering things that she had forgotten. It’s a godsend.”

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with age and certain diseases. Most types of dementia are nonreversible (degenerative).  It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of dementia. Dementia also can be due to many small strokes or poor circulation. This is called vascular dementia. Many dementias have a vascular component; these are referred to as mixed dementias. Stem cells are especially effective in treating these types of dementias.

Dr. Zannos Grekos’ colleagues in the world medical field are currently employing adult stem cell therapy and coordinating its application for patients who have exhausted all other traditional therapy options. His presentation at the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies conference supports efforts by a global community of doctors that are striving to incorporate adult stem cell therapy into mainstream medicine.

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Regenocyte is an international corporation located in Bonita Springs, Florida. Dedicated to leading the world in providing Adult Stem Cell therapies, Regenocyte utilizes the most effective and safest technologies and medical procedures in order to improve the lives of its patients. A video of Dr. Zannos Grekos presentation at the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies is available for viewing on the company’s website. Additional information on adult stem cell therapy as well as patient video experiences can be found at or call (866) 216-5710.